Published on March 17, 2020 by Amin Darvand

Accidentally Clicked on “Never Translate This Site” on Chrome?

Google Chrome’s Translation Service Introduction

If you’re a user of Google Chrome, you must have enjoyed the page translation service it provides for free. It makes reading pages in foreign languages really comfortable for us.

But since the translation buttons are very close to the “Never Translate this Site” option, it sometimes may result in mistakenly clicking on Never Translate link. So, just like what happened to me today, you’d wonder how you can undo that.

But I couldn’t find the option anywhere in the site settings, where I’d usually expect to see such exceptions and permissions:


How to Revert Never Translate This Site in Google Chrome

Method 1:

Before we go through editing the preferences files, let’s try something together that might work and save up a lot of time. Just refresh the tab and right click and if translate option is enabled, try to translate the page. That might work. Otherwise, try Method 2, which is the hard way.


Method 2:

So, here’s how you can Fix and revert Never Translate this Site that you have enabled by mistake:

First, go to this folder:

C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault

Then open this file with notepad or a better editor like Notepad++: Preferences

(it doesn’t have any extension)

It’s ideal if you close Google Chrome before editing the file. Because Google changes this file every few seconds when it’s open. And if you edit it and save, you might overwrite some important settings with old data.

The file is text-based and is minified. It means the spaces are removed for better performance. I used an online JS Beautifier to see the code in a more neat way. Pay attention to the lines bellow. Those are the lines that you must delete and then save the file:

 "translate_site_blacklist": [""],
"translate_site_blacklist_with_time": {
"": "13232321123321123"

So, you must use the search tool in your editor (using ctrl+F) and then find these lines and remove them and save the file. But, you must be careful! This sequence of comma separated preferences shouldn’t be broken. So, after applying your edits, make sure the previous and next preferences are connected to each other with a comma (,) and not two commas (,,), and not sticking together without a comma. If you have coded programs before, you’d know what I mean.

And of course, your case should be different where it says “”. Yours should be the site that you’ve made the mistake in.


Now after saving the file, all you need to do is to refresh the page and be able to translate that page again.

Good luck!

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