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SEO Panel is where you manage your SEO projects. You can easily create a SEO project, add memebers, monitor the whole SEO process and provide access to your client so they have an overview of how the work is going.

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What is SEO Panel?

SEO Panel's Pricing

  • Max Projects: 1
  • Keywords / project: 10
  • Backlinks / day: 10
  • Domains / day: 10
  • Reports: 1
$19 Yearly - Save %34!
$29 Monthly
  • Max Projects: 10
  • Keywords / project: 100
  • Backlinks / day: 100
  • Domains / day: 100
  • Reports: Many
$49 Yearly - Save %50!
$99 Monthly
  • Max Projects: svg symbol
  • Keywords / project: svg symbol
  • Backlinks / day: svg symbol
  • Domains / day: svg symbol
  • Reports: svg symbol

SEO Project Management Tool

SEO Panel is your free SEO Management tool where you can handle your SEO Projects. Management of SEO Projects is very important and luckily with SEO Panel, you can run your SEO Projects much faster with automated functions and easy to use features provided in SEO Panel's Free Plan.

SEO Team Management

Another great advantage of using SEO Panel is its amazing SEO Team Management functionality. Usually SEO Companies need to make use of multiple CRM systems to manage their SEO projects and their team, with SEO Panel, you can monitor your SEO Team's work and assign tasks according to their timeline and the flow of work will be optimized and lots of time and energy saved.

One of the advantages of using SEO Panel is where the SEO Experts who are invited to one SEO Project can see the other team members' backlinks and works. So, there will be no overlapping, overwriting or double committing in the backlinks or optimization process.

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