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Neue Welt Website Design

Website URL:

Project details: This website was done by Niotik as part of a series of websites similar to each other, including Neue Welt (, CMG ( & Marktpassage Apolda ( The design was the owner's request. Niotik simply carried out the tasks given for these series of websites.

The websites were prepared on time and with the images, text and specific instructions provided by the owner.

Some image optimization were done just similar to any other web design projects we have had. This ensures that the page loads fast and boosts the rankings on Google, even though we did not had any agreement for SEO. Niotik feels the responsibility to design web pages that at least have the minimum optimization required for Search Engines.

The website series were all in German language and the owner has happy all the way from the results.

Classic Web Design Preview

Robofizz Website Design

Website URL:

Field of Work: Robotic Exercise Devices

Project details: Website design for Turkish manufacturer of robotic exercise devices. The design was the result of physical and online meetings with the managers of Robofizz. Their instructions and Niotik's creative web design suggestions lead to this beautiful design.

The site was multilingual. Four languages were added, the default one was Turkish, and the technology used was WordPress.

Robofizz' old website suffered significantly from old design, and wasn't responsive at all, while their users are mainly mobile users. That's why they would quickly close the website and as a result their SEO rankings were dropped.

Niotik also started SEO and Google Ads campaigns with the dedicated Ads budget given to Niotik for advertising via Google.

With the new design and SEO and Google ads campaigns, new users started visiting Robofizz website and the sales went up significantly.

Responsive Web Design Robotic Exercise Multilingual

WhatsGaming: SEO Services

Website URL:

Keywords: FIFA Coins, Buy FIFA Coins, Crediti FIFA, Crédits FUT, Monedas FIFA, FUT Coins, FIFA 21 Coins, FIFA 22 Coins

Project details: The site was in a very bad situation when Niotik took over its SEO. We increased the site's organic traffic to 500% in a very short time. Over the course of two years, we consistently kept the fight against badass competitors and in 5 languages we beat most of them. For English, Italian, French, Spanish & Arabic keywords we were on page one of Google.

Here's the graph showing the site's traffic in 2021-2022 compared to previous year:

seo fifa coins

MyDGN: SEO Services

Website URL:

Keywords: Sell FIFA Coins, Sell FUT Coins

Project details: A smaller SEO project for Niotik, but it was an instant success! We were able to bring the site to the top of first page of Google for the target keywords.

Here's the graph showing the site's latest keyword positions via Google Search Console:

fifa coins seo rankings